Women Welfare

RWWS enables women to understand and communicate their human rights and live lives free from violence, discrimination, inequality and stigma and help them developes skills to make their livelihood.

Free Education

Mission AAMANTRAN (Education) is a national level programme of RWWS is committed to provide basic education and skill development to underprivileged children.

Old Age Care

Roshni Women Welfare is manned by a dedicated Professional Geriatrics Team to ensure safety and care of the old age seniors.

Encouraging Harmony and Peace

Environment Awareness

Sustainable Development Goals

Roshni Women Welfare Society is a registered public charitable trust , formed during 2010 and has been extending service with concern and care to rescue those in distress. We have been raising funds from the philanthropic individuals and institutions, thus offering succour and support to the needy.

RWWS is working for the welfare of underprivileged and serving mankind for two decades. Empowering women is one of our goal as we help them by giving support to make them self reliant and offering counselling in times of distress.

The most important and significant programme we are involved is the educational sponsorship for children from economically weaker section of society.

In some cases where the patient had to buy medicines in an emergency we reimburse the amount .We reach to all sections of society irrespective of caste and creed. Our strength is the trust we have gained over the years and the continuous and constant faith achieved.

Often we come across fellow citizens who are hardly privileged to meet medical expenses. With all savings drained (often lands sold), they have nowhere to go, in their anxiety for a relatively better treatment, they approach private institutions. With hands thrown up they seek help.


Under Privileged Children

Education is means to gain a deeper & better understanding of what's right, wrong, fair and unfair. Education for soul, body and mind develops a spiritually, physically and mentally balanced human beings.

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Women Welfare

Women Empowerment can be characterized to advancing ladies' self-appreciation, worth their capacity to decide their own decisions and their entitlement to impact social change for themselves as well as other people.

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Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for all as we age through education and create lasting solution to poverty, hunger and social injustice.

Vision for RWWS

To create a sustainable world for future generations, taking care of the senior members of society to create a world where every woman has a decent place to live , to achieve her fullest potential , participate and contribute to all aspects of life.

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